Join WotC in a Charity Event to Benefit Kids!

September 5, 2017 | 2 min to read

Over the past few years, Wizards of the Coast’s team has raised thousands of dollars for the Extra Life initiative, a charity gaming event that supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

We'll be at it again this year, streaming a marathon Magic: The Gathering event on October 13, and a worldwide Dungeons & Dragons event on November 4, with a goal of raising $100,000 for charity.    

As a WPN retailer, there are many ways you could join the charge:

Create a Sub-Team and Host Your Own Event

This year, Extra Life has implemented a new feature which would allow your store to join the greater Wizards of the Coast “Super Team.”

Stores who join us as a sub-team will be recognized for their fundraising efforts on the day of our Magic livestream, and their players will be eligible for our fundraising rewards. All donations raised by your sub-team will count toward the overall Wizards of the Coast 2017 goal.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Pick a date and time for your event. You could run your event on the same day as ours, or you could consider making it coincide with one of your ongoing programs, such as FNM, Magic League, or Standard Showdown.  
  2. Set a goal for donations, as well as milestone goals. Consider offering special rewards, once a milestone is reached.  You could also create milestones that trigger events in-game.
  3. Set up your team. Go to, select “Create a Sub Team,” and follow the steps to create your account. This will link your team to the Wizards of the Coast Super Team's overall fundraising goals. (If you’d rather create your own team, you can do so by visiting the Magic team page by clicking “Join Our Team.”)   
  4. Spread the word via your local media, social media, in-store advertising, and any other outlets you can think of! If you plan to stream your event, get tips here.

Share our Livestream In-Store and Impact the Game!

Beginning at 8AM Friday, October 13, the Magic team will run a 24-hour stream of Magic game play, live from the Wizards of the Coast headquarters.

The Dungeons & Dragons team will host a global livestream event on Saturday, November 4.  

Keep the streams running in your store, and encourage players to donate during the event.

Sponsor a Play Group

If you don't have the resources for an in-store event, you could still encourage your players to participate. Encourage them to join our team at

Help players get the word out for donations and offer prize support for reaching certain milestone donations.  

Get involved today!

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