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To become a judge, one should:

  1. Have some experience working at tournaments.
  2. Get in contact with other judges for help and mentoring.
  3. Learn the rules, policy, and procedures.
  4. Find any Level 2 or higher judge to administer your Level 1 certification test.

You can find more helpful tools and information to get started on the Magic Judge Wiki.

All competitive level REL events require a judge.

  1. Grand Prix Trials (L1+ judge required)
  2. Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers (L2+ judge required)
  3. Premium Tournaments/Qualifiers (L2+ judge required)

However, all events benefit from having a judge present so consider having one available for casual events as well.

Three different double-sided foil tokens: Issue these at your discretion at your FNM events.


  • Core level: 4 per week
  • Advanced level: 8 per week
  • Advanced Plus level: 16 per week

Starting with Friday Night Magic events in January 2015, Core level and above stores can schedule up to three events in formats with a 1x Planeswalker Point multiplier (Ranked), and up to three events in any format with a single Planeswalker Point (Casual) each week.

If you want to offer more, you can schedule additional events in WER on Friday night and run them as you would an FNM.

FNM can be run in any format.

Schedule your FNM events in Wizards Event Reporter up to the 7th of the previous month (Example: June FNM is available for scheduling between April 8th and May 7th).

WPN locations of Core level and above are eligible to run FNM.

A weekly night of Magic: The Gathering gameplay, occurring every Friday. Core level and above WPN retailers who schedule Friday Night Magic receive a no-charge kit of tools to help them offer a great Magic experience.

A child under the age of the 13 will need a parent's permission to create an account and receive a DCI number. You may issue a child a generic DCI card and instruct him or her to create an account, with a parent present, at a later time.


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