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Magic 2015 Rules Reference Card Rules/List 07/23/14
Magic: The Gathering Judging at Regular REL Rules/List 07/14/14
Magic Infraction Procedure Guide Rules/List 07/14/14
Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules Rules/List 07/14/14
Magic Premier Event Invitation Policy Rules/List 07/08/14
Magic 2015 Release Notes Rules/List 07/08/14
Magic 2015 Deck Checklist Checklist 07/08/14
Magic Quick Start Guide Rules/List 07/07/14
Magic 2015 Core Set Game Day Instructions 07/01/14
Magic 2015 Core Set Buy a Box Instructions Instructions 07/01/14
Magic 2015 Core Set Prerelease Instructions 06/27/14
Friday Night Magic with Launch Weekend Instructions 06/27/14
Magic Gateway to Core Instructions 06/27/14
Dungeons and Dragons Spelling Bee Instructions 06/17/14
Kaijudo Tournament Rules Rules/List 06/11/14
Conspiracy Release Notes Rules/List 06/11/14
Magic: The Gathering Constructed Deck Sheet Checklist 06/11/14
Two-Headed Giant Tournament FAQ Rules/List 06/11/14
Two-Headed Giant Booster Draft Procedure Rules/List 06/11/14
Conspiracy Retail Promotion Kit Instructions 06/11/14
Journey into Nyx/Born of the Gods Deck Checklist Checklist 06/05/14
A 3-Minute Tool to Improve Your Events! Instructions 06/03/14
Kaijudo Constructed Deck Registration Form Rules/List 06/02/14
Kaijudo Premier Event Invitation Policy Instructions 06/02/14
Kaijudo Infraction Procedure Guide Rules/List 06/02/14