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Match Slips Rules/List 04/18/16
Organizer Code of Conduct Instructions 04/06/16
Shadows over Innistrad Release Notes Rules/List 03/30/16
Shadows over Innistrad Deck Checklist Checklist 03/28/16
Welcoming New Players Instructions 03/22/16
SOI Buy-A-Box Kit Instructions 03/22/16
SOI Game Day Kit Instructions 03/21/16
SOI Launch Weekend/FNM Kit Instructions 03/21/16
SOI Store Immersion Kit Instructions 03/21/16
SOI Prerelease Kit Instructions 03/21/16
Casual Play Rules/List 03/17/16
Oath of the Gatewatch Deck Checklist Checklist 01/12/16
Oath of the Gatewatch Launch Weekend Instructions Instructions 01/08/16
Magic: The Gathering—Commander (2015 Edition) Release Notes Rules/List 11/11/15
Battle for Zendikar Set Release Notes Rules/List 09/23/15
Battle for Zendikar Deck Checklist Checklist 09/21/15
Deck Registration Sheet Rules/List 07/30/15
Fire Breath Instructions 07/20/15
Lightning Breath Instructions 07/20/15
Dragons of Tarkir Set Release Notes Rules/List 07/20/15
Dragons of Tarkir Deck Checklist Checklist 07/20/15
Magic Origins Deck Checklist Checklist 07/20/15
Magic Origins Release Notes Rules/List 07/20/15
Modern Masters Deck Checklist Checklist 06/17/15
FRF Deck Checklist Checklist 03/20/15