1 Thing Top Performing Stores Have In Common

1 Thing Top Performing Stores Have In Common

August 8, 2018 | 2 min to read

Nelson Brown, WPN Community Manager

If you want to know who the WPN’s most successful stores are, start with stores that focus on Standard.

All the statistics agree. The top 10% of Standard performers (in event volume, not attendance) see higher performance across the board. They’re even more successful with drafts—stores that run Standard Showdown draw 179% more drafters than stores that don’t.

That’s a big reason why Wizards focuses on Standard, and it’s a big reason why we’re on a mission to get as many Guilds of Ravnica Standard Showdown events on the calendar as we can. Success seems to follow the format around.

And why is that, exactly?

Lots of reasons. Here are just three:


Standard is accessible to new players.


Most veteran store owners will tell you: your community needs new players to survive. Enter Standard—the most accessible format in Magic.

First off, new players almost categorically have Standard-legal decks right out of the gate. Whether they started with a Welcome Deck or a Planeswalker Deck, every card they have is playable.

Then, when they’re ready to go deeper, a new player need only look back at the most recent sets to consider what they might put in their deck—a less daunting proposition than reviewing the entire twenty five-year catalog of cards that may or may not be readily available to them.

Further, Standard deck archetypes are easy to understand. Standard decks tend to be more intuitive and often feature mechanics and themes that are illustrated in the setting and story of the current set.

Wider formats like Modern certainly have their place in the Magic ecosystem. But go all-in on these and you’re cutting yourself off from the lifeblood of organized play—new players.


Standard is constantly evolving.


Half the pleasure of Magic happens while you’re not even playing it: the ever-expanding card pool keeps millions of players busy coming up with new decks, new combos, new ways to play. These things are just as vital to Magic as the game itself.

And they’re mostly driven by Standard.

With fresh sets all year long and cards rotating in and out of legality, there are always new cards and deck ideas for players to experiment with. A focus on Standard encourages a culture of creativity.

Whether a player’s goal is to produce the next paradigm-shifting strategy or pull off a story-worthy in-game spectacle, there is always something new and interesting to try in Standard.


Standard moves front-list product.


At the end of the day, in-store play is there to sell product. Communities with a strong Standard presence tend to see more demand for recent sets for the simple reason that only the most recent sets are legal.

Increasing demand is the name of the game and Standard gives your players a reason to pick up that next Bundle or Booster Box—and with Guilds of Ravnica, four sets rotate out, condensing demand for Standard cards from eight sets into five.

And the best way to take advantage is to sign up for Standard Showdown, especially if you’re looking to start your Standard community—Showdown gets you a mound of promo packs loaded with rares and foils to help you get the format off the ground.

Scheduling closes August 13. Log into WER and sign up today.


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