3 Ideas for Promoting the Holiday Gift Box

3 Ideas for Promoting the Holiday Gift Box

November 10, 2014 | 1 min to read

The holiday season is almost here, and with it the Magic: The Gathering—Holiday Gift Box!

Try these ideas to highlight it in your store:

1. Offer Gift Wrap with Purchase

Magic: The Gathering—Holiday Gift Box is the perfect gift for anyone with a Magic player on their list. Make it even easier to give that gift by wrapping it up with festive paper and a bow.

2. Challenge Your Collectors

Hold a special promotion aimed at the collectors in your player base.

For example, you could award a free Friday Night Magic entry to collectors who fill up this year's Holiday Gift Box with some number of Khans of Tarkir cards before the release of the next set, Fate Reforged.

3. Go Social

Encourage players to show off how they organize their collection using the Magic: The Gathering—Holiday Gift Box on a social media platform such as your Facebook page.

Inspire them to take pictures or videos explaining their method of organizing their cards. Reward participation with a random prize drawing.

How will you promote the Holiday Gift Box? Tell us about it!


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