3 Ways to Grow Your FNM

3 Ways to Grow Your FNM

April 27, 2015 | 2 min to read

Remember the old Friday Night Magic structure? Just a handful of formats? No casual play? Fewer promo cards, and firmer guidelines on how to issue them?

Think back. What did you wish you could do? What creative ideas did you want to try out?

Chances are, most of those ideas are fair game now. FNM is open to all formats, engagement levels, and all ages.

Here are three ways you can take advantage:

1. All Formats

Try out any formats your players like. Even formats that don't exist yet!

Challenge your players to dream up new, inventive ways to play. Clever communities have been doing this from the beginning, and now they can do it at FNM.

A few examples, courtesy of reddit:

“Field Marshal. 60-card singleton deck, but you can have four of any one creature.”

"We're doing one for Halloween. Modern legal, must play Halloweeny creatures only like goblins, spirits, vampires, zombies, etc."

"Couch Magic. Play Magic across the couch with a friend. Any permanents or spells that fall off the couch are exiled."

2. All Levels of Engagement

Pandemonium Books and Games embraces this philosophy with offerings for every imaginable player, new or experienced, casual or committed. Modern, Pauper, Commander League—you name it.

"Even if you're not playing, it's a great time to hang out and talk Magic. See you tonight!"

3. All Ages

Waves of WPN stores are building robust communities around family-focused efforts.

Like the "Kids Corner" at Gamerz Pair-a-Dice, with activities for budding gamers. Golem Head Games even has a station for kids to charge their tablets.

Now they can take their efforts to the next level at FNM. Father/daughter Two-Headed Giant. A family Trios league. The possibilities are endless.

Now's the time to start exploring those possibilities!

By Matt Neubert


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