4 Most Overlooked Details for PPTQs

4 Most Overlooked Details for PPTQs

April 6, 2015 | 2 min to read

PPTQs can bring a lot of players from outside your community into your store. Impressing these new customers could bring you positive remarks online and you might even recruit some new regulars!

Before the scheduling window for the next PPTQ season opens on Wednesday, make sure you haven't forgotten these 4 essential details for a share-worthy event.

1. Coordinate with other stores in your area and check the Premier Play schedule before scheduling your PPTQ.

Players can't attend two events at once. So before scheduling your PPTQ, choose a date that is free of any other major events in your region, including other PPTQs or GPTs.

Additional Preparations

✔ Schedule around any Wizards and non-Wizards Premier Play events happening on the same weekend as well as other major events like holidays and local festivals.

✔ If another store is having a PPTQ on the same date, discuss potentially combining your events into a double-header premier event day held at the same location.

✔ If you need to change the date or format of your PPTQ, contact your WPN representative.

2. Secure your head judge (at least L2) and Staff at least 4 weeks before your event.

Need help finding a judge? Contact your Regional Coordinator


✔ Put additional judges on standby in case participation is greater than expected. To estimate the number of judges needed, see "How to Secure Judges" (English only).

✔ Get a dedicated Scorekeeper to run Wizards Event Reporter.

✔ Arrange compensation and amenities for your judging staff and volunteers, including breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.

3. Test Your Equipment

A working printer and a dedicated device with internet to run Wizards Event Reporter are crucial to running a great PPTQ.

Additional Preparations

✔ Make sure your printer correctly prints out pairings, standings, and match result slips without any issues.

✔ Keep backup paper and ink in stock in case you run out.

✔ Check that Wizards Event Reporter can connect and stay connected to the internet for at least 5 hours.

4. Prepare Table Numbers, Deck Checklists, and Prize Support

Download and print table numbers off the WPN website to make pairings easy!

Players must register their decks using a deck registration sheet. Download and print extra deck registration sheets here.

Set aside product for prize support, judge compensation, and the event itself.

Additional Preparations

✔ Encourage players to preregister to help estimate how much product you will need to order.

✔ Have a paper cutter or a pair of scissors to cut out match result slips

✔ Have tape on hand to post pairings and standings.

Use this list to help organize and prepare before the scheduling window for the next PPTQ season opens on Wednesday, April 8th!

By Jordan Comar


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