4 Reasons to Run Open Dueling At KLD Prerelease

4 Reasons to Run Open Dueling At KLD Prerelease

September 13, 2016 | 2 min to read

Every store's Kaladesh Prerelease allocation included a certain number of Planeswalker Decks. That number represents more than a chance to stock up on Magic's new introductory product. It also represents a chance to boost your Prerelease.

Any store running a Prerelease is eligible to use those Planeswalker Decks for Open Dueling—casual, open play side events, accessible to anyone and everyone, whether they're playing in the main event or not.

Here are four reasons to do it:

1. It's Better with Planeswalker Decks

Planeswalker Decks represent an optimal introductory experience for newcomers. They're also optimal for Open Dueling.

Each deck contains a mythic rare planeswalker card, and the rest of the deck is flush with cards that synergize with it—including cards that put it directly in your hand, so that new players are more likely to get the thrill of casting their most powerful spell.

All that adds up to high-emotion gameplay moments and an overall better inlet for new players at Prerelease.

2. It Could Help Raise Your Allocation (Potentially)

Don't misunderstand—allocations are based on attendance at your main event, and the best way to guarantee your allocations will trend upward is to use up as much of your allocation as possible. But Open Dueling could help.

For example, if you find yourself talking to Retail Support about an allocation increase, Open Dueling attendance could support your cause.

Make sure you schedule and report Open Dueling events in WER and have the sanction number on hand if you reach out to us.

And of course, as a reminder, please understand that while we're always happy to talk about your allocation, increases are rare, and often impossible.

3. It Helps Maintain Your WPN Level

When WPN level requirements were updated last December, the principal change was the requirement for total events run: twenty-four for Core level stores, forty-eight for Advanced level stores.

New Total Event Requirement


Report at least 24 Events**


Report at least 48 Events**

**For preceding 12 months.

Say you run three Prereleases for every new Standard legal set, plus an Open Dueling event alongside each event. With four sets a year, that's twenty-four events right there—enough to maintain Core level, and halfway to reaching Advanced.

And note that, because Open Dueling is not a Ranked event, it requires a mere two players, and it shouldn't have any round structure whatsoever.

Which leads us to:

4. It's All Upside

Open Dueling is a relaxed, open play event that requires minimal oversight, few resources, and virtually no risk—if you plan to stock Planeswalker Decks anyway, there's little reason not to make them available at Prerelease.

And the benefit—regardless of attendance—is that more players get more opportunities to play. Like players without time for the main event. Or new players without much deckbuilding experience. Or just the overflow—Open Dueling could be a better option than simply turning players away.

So schedule some Open Dueling events Prerelease weekend! And make sure to choose “Magic Casual Event” in Wizards Event Reporter so that you get credit for them.

By Matt Neubert


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