5 Common Questions About Open Dueling

5 Common Questions About Open Dueling

July 11, 2016 | 2 min to read

Just like with every Prerelease, WPN members found a certain number of Intro Packs in their Eldritch Moon allocations for Open Dueling—casual side events to be run alongside Prerelease.

To help accommodate as many players as possible, Open Dueling leaves WPN members with a lot of freedom—which sometimes has the unfortunate side effect of creating confusion.

Here are answers to a few common questions that may help clarify:

Why Should I Run Open Dueling?

Open Dueling breathes some flexibility into Prerelease.

For example, it's a great option for players who want a peek at the new set, but don't have time for the main event. Or newer players who simply aren't comfortable building a Sealed Deck. Or players who didn't preregister before it sold out. Open Dueling can give them a chance to try out the new cards anyhow.

Whatever the reason, Open Dueling makes sure players can find the Prerelease experience that's right for them.

Can I Schedule Open Dueling Events in WER?

Absolutely. Schedule Open Dueling events as "Magic Casual Event" in Wizards Event Reporter.

Will Reporting Open Dueling in WER Affect My Future Allocations?

Potentially. Open Dueling events won't be factored into future allocation numbers automatically, but if you reach out to Retail Support about an allocation increase, Open Dueling attendance could help make your case.

It'll help to have the event's sanction number handy, and please understand that it's not always possible for us to increase your allocation—in fact, it's the exception and not the rule.

Can I Offer Prize Support for Open Dueling?


The one caveat here is that, Eldritch Moon Prize Boosters from your allocation should be reserved for the main event. If you want to support Open Dueling with Eldritch Moon product, you'll want to offer IOUs to be redeemed after Launch.

Can Players Do Open Dueling and the Main Event?

Yes! It's a great way to get some battles in between rounds.

Something to keep in mind, however: Intro Packs shouldn't be sold before launch date. Think of Open Dueling not as selling a product, but as accepting an entry fee, then issuing product for use in the event.

Only so much product is available before release, and we want every last piece of it used for great play experiences.

Ultimately, that's what Open Dueling is for: to give you a little more freedom over Prerelease weekend to create more—and better—experiences.

Take advantage!

By Matt Neubert


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