5 Crucial Store Rules

5 Crucial Store Rules

November 2, 2016 | 1 min to read

Every game needs a set of rules, and so does every game store. Players want a sense of safety and decorum, freedom from intimidation. Store rules aren't simply a warning—they exist to comfort those that comply with them as much as to admonish those that don't.

In that spirit, we've reviewed the rules of many stores across the WPN and come up with these five guidelines that we believe will help establish that for your community.

Download the poster here and display it in your store!

Or use these guidelines as the basis of your own store rules.

  1. Everyone is welcome.
  2. Keep it clean, physically, and verbally.
  3. Follow event, game, and store rules.
  4. Offensive imagery, including scandalous, hateful, or demeaning content is not allowed.
  5. Keep it friendly, respectful, and FUN!


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