5 Quick Tips for Magic League

5 Quick Tips for Magic League

July 10, 2017 | 2 min to read

You've generated new players through Open House and now they're ready for regular play. Enter, Magic League.

The Open House/League combo got in new players and brought back old ones—a lot of them. [League] is creating a community outside the more competitive FNM crowd and it's great!—Therese Nguyen, Delight in Grove, Oregon

With Magic League beginning anew next week, here are a few tips on running this casual program at your store.

1. Run League All Week Long

You've scheduled a meet-up night in Wizards Event Reporter and we ask that you report your league weekly. However, you aren't required to run a weekly league event.

Feel free to encourage Magic League play any day of the week, including at Friday Night Magic. Games play fast, so they're great in between rounds of your other events.

2. Keep It Casual

Many retailers have found success keeping league as low-stakes as possible—generally in the form of low entry fee and minimal prize support. The emphasis is mostly on community and play.

Try using messaging along the lines of "League is a great way to meet new people! Challenge someone you haven't met yet for bonus points."

3. Calculate League Standings

You can calculate league standings however you wish!

Andrew Schwab of Anime Kat breaks his league standings into points: one point for a match played, one point for a win, and one bonus point if it's the first time playing against one's opponent.

Brian Mitchell of A Muse N Games keeps it even simpler by tracking players with the most games won, best win percentage, and most weeks attended.

Post standings weekly to encourage engagement and to promote the league to players who haven't yet joined. (Players can jump in any time!).

4. Bring League to Completion

Celebrate the end of your league with prizes or other awards. Create a personal touch with your own unique titles and certificates, available on the marketing materials page under "Event Accessories."

5. Transition to Standard Showdown Or Run Another League

Once Magic League is nearing its end, you can start migrating your players toward Standard Showdown for weekly competitive fun.

However, if your league players aren't comfortable with the competitive level of Standard Showdown, you can always run another league! You can run it however you want for as a long as you want. Remember to report your league as player list only in WER under the "Magic Casual League" option.

By Jordan Comar


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