5 Ways Magic League Can Grow Your Business

5 Ways Magic League Can Grow Your Business

November 18, 2014 | 2 min to read

A successful Magic League begins and ends with delivering a great experience to your players. But what kind of experience will you design?

Maybe you want to build robust weekly play. Maybe you want to keep players engaged throughout your events. Maybe you want to increase booster sales, encourage friendly play, or even grow your Prerelease.

Magic League can help you achieve those goals—but you can't achieve them all at once.

Before creating your league, narrow it down to one objective, and home in on how to reach it.

A few ideas:

Goal: Robust weekly play beyond FNM

How to achieve it: A weekly league event, like "Commander Mondays" or "Conspiracy Tuesdays," with rewards unique to that program.

Midgard Gaming runs Commander League on Tuesday.

Goal: Keep players engaged throughout your events

How to achieve it: League points at FNM and Prerelease—a point earned in round three is as good as a point earned in round one.

Moonlite Comics offers league points for any and all events in the store.

Goal: Better sales

How to achieve it: A sealed deck league for each new set. Players return each week to add a booster to their pool.

Card Kingdom uses this model for their league.

Goal: Friendly play

How to achieve it: League points for sportsmanship and in-game achievements, like dealing 20 damage in one turn or controlling a permanent of each color.

Frozen Orc even subtracts league points for eliminating players too early!

Goal: Bigger Prereleases

How to achieve it: A suite of perks for league players, including reduced or "VIP" entry at Prerelease.

Whatever the plan, Wizards Event Reporter can simplify the execution. Come back tomorrow to find out how!


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