From 50 Facebook Impressions to Over 8000

From 50 Facebook Impressions to Over 8000

May 15, 2015 | 1 min to read

Tate's Gaming Satellite store manager, Sal Monteleone, wanted to promote his Prerelease events on Facebook.

His initial post received an organic reach of about 50 impressions. Not quite as much as Sal was hoping for.

So Sal opted to use Facebook's Boost feature.

With a combination of the Boost feature and sharing the post to other Magic: The Gathering Facebook groups, Sal's post went from just 50 impressions to over 8000!

The total cost? $30.

To Boost Posts on Your Page:

After you've created a post, click Boost Post in the lower right corner.

Select your audience from a few different options and demographics.

Set the budget and length of the boost.

Then click Boost Post!

Make the Most of Facebook

Sal didn't just pay to boost his posts and call it a day. He makes the most of his Facebook presence by:

  1. Keeping his profile up-to-date with phone number, store hours, and store location
  2. Creating events
  3. Posting a monthly calendar on his page

He encourages other retailers to "be active in various Magic: The Gathering Facebook groups and utilize the 'Invite' feature in Facebook events to reach out to specific players that [you or your] tournament organizer knows."

With Modern Masters Weekend coming up at the end of the month, now is a great time to try out his tips!

Schedule a special event on the weekend of 5/29-31. Then use Facebook to spread the word!

By Jordan Comar


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