Aether Revolt Allocations Explained

Aether Revolt Allocations Explained

October 17, 2016 | 2 min to read

Scheduling for Aether Revolt Prerelease is open and you should have received your expected allocation number by email.

Here are 4 things to keep in mind when reviewing your allocation:

It's supposed to be lower than Kaladesh.

Even if your Kaladesh Prerelease sold out, your Aether Revolt allocation will likely see a decrease. That's ok—it's supposed to work that way.

Aether Revolt is what's called a "small set." Each Magic set is either a "big set" or "small set," depending on how many cards are in it. Small sets usually have about 30% fewer cards—for example, Kaladesh had 264 cards, while Aether Revolt has 184.

Historically, attendance has dipped for small sets, so allocations have dipped accordingly.

To illustrate, take a look at Playset Games (real store, fake name).

Example: Playset Games

  Eldritch Moon (EMN) Kaladesh (KLD) Aether Revolt (AER)
Total Prerelease Packs 72 126 108
Baseline Prerelease Packs 54 90 72
Growth Prerelease Packs 18 36 36
Attendance 66 86 n/a

It's based on turnout for Eldritch Moon.

Since Eldritch Moon is the most recent small set, we start with your attendance and go from there. Your WPN level doesn’t factor in, nor does KLD attendance (unless you did not have an Eldritch Moon Prerelease).

Playset Games was allocated 108 players worth of product for Aether Revolt (AER). That was based on attendance for EMN, where they drew 66 players out of a possible 72.

Their allocation is down from KLD (which is normal) but up from EMN: they used about 90% of their allocation, and saw their allocation go up about 33%. That's pretty typical.

Want to increase your allocation for Hour of Devastation? Make use of growth product.

Just as AER allocations are based on EMN, Hour of Devastation (the next small set) allocations will be based on AER. To give yourself the best chance at the best possible allocation, make use of the "growth" product listed in your allocation numbers.

Your total allocation is a composite of “baseline" product and “growth" product.

Usually, your baseline allocation will total somewhere around your attendance at the most recent similarly-sized set.

For Playset, their EMN attendance was 66, so in their baseline allocation for AER, they saw 72 Prerelease packs (the nearest factor of 18—because that’s the number of Prerelease packs per case).

The purpose of growth product is to help you push beyond that total and help you increase your allocation over time.

(Note: You must purchase 36 growth prize boosters to accompany every 18 growth Prerelease Packs you choose to buy.)

Open Dueling can (potentially) help increase future allocations.

Your allocation includes a fixed quantity of Planeswalker Decks to be used for for casual, open-play side events known as "Open Dueling."

To be clear, Prerelease pack allocations are based on attendance at your main event—any additional attendance you draw with Open Dueling won't factor in automatically. But if you end up appealing for an allocation increase, Open Dueling attendance could support your case.

Make sure you schedule and report Open Dueling events in WER and have the sanction number on hand if you reach out to us.

If you’ve still got questions, or your allocation still looks wildly different than this example, feel free to reach out—but please understand that allocation increases are extremely rare, and may be impossible after the Aether Revolt sanction window closes on November 6!

By Matt Neubert


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