Aether Revolt Video Guide

Aether Revolt Video Guide

December 5, 2016 | 1 min to read

This video guide contains all the information you need to know to start marketing Aether Revolt.

Aether Revolt Marketing Checklist

Start building excitement for your Aether Revolt events by following these suggestions:

✔ Transform Your Store into The Renegade Headquarters

Hang the banners found in your event kit to add to your décor.

Themes to build around:

  • Renegades vs. Consulate
  • Idealism: restoring freedom
  • Ingenuity redirected toward resistance—repurposing inventions

✔ Set Your Event Calendar

Update and promote your event calendars in your store, on your social media channels, and on your website. Use the Aether Revolt themed headers, product shots, and web banners found on the WPN marketing materials page.

Themes to frame your marketing around:

  • Take back the power
  • Join Chandra and the renegades
  • Recruit a friend/renegade to join the resistance

✔ Take Preregistration

Encourage players to preregister for your events using the downloadable sign-up sheet on the marketing materials page or another digital tool.

Market preregistration at an Aether Revolt event as an option for your once-a-year holiday gift shoppers.

Aether Revolt Prerelease is closer than it seems, on January 14. Start prepping now to maximize attendance at your events!

By Jordan Comar


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