AKH Allocations: 4 Things to Know

AKH Allocations: 4 Things to Know

February 13, 2017 | 3 min to read

Scheduling for Amonkhet is open and your expected Prerelease allocation numbers are on their way!

If you've got questions, save yourself a wait in the phone queue and consider these four important reminders:

1. It's Based on Attendance for Kaladesh

Take a look at your Kaladesh attendance. That number should be pretty close to your baseline allocation for Amonkhet, plus growth product to give you opportunity to go beyond.

Example: Playset Games (Real Store, Fake Name)

  Kaladesh (KLD) Amonkhet (AKH)
Total Prerelease Packs 108 126
Baseline Prerelease Packs 72 90
Growth Prerelease Packs 36 36
Attendance 94 n/a

For example, Playset Games was allocated 126 players worth of product for Amonkhet. That was based on attendance for Kaladesh, where they drew 90 players out of a possible 108 (their total allocation).

Note that their baseline allocation for Amonkhet went up, but it's still slightly lower than their Kaladesh attendance. That's normal—we round up or down to the nearest factor of eighteen (the number of Prerelease packs per case).

2. It's unlikely that WER issues with Aether Revolt Prerelease will impact your Amonkhet allocation.

The WER troubles that weekend were frustrating and regrettable, but for most stores, there's little chance they'll affect into your allocation for Amonkhet—because allocations are based on Kaladesh, your Aether Revolt numbers probably won't factor in.

There's one exception: if your Aether Revolt attendance was better than your Kaladesh attendance, we'll base your Amonkhet allocation on whichever number is higher (for the overwhelming majority of stores, that's Kaladesh).

But don't misunderstand—you'll definitely want to work with Retail Support to resolve any issues you had running or reporting Aether Revolt Prerelease. We'll need accurate attendance numbers for Aether Revolt to make sure your Hour of Devastation allocation is on the mark.

3. If your attendance went up but your allocation went down, make sure all your Kaladesh events were reported.

Last July, a young store in New Jersey contacted us about their Kaladesh numbers after selling out back-to-back Prereleases with no allocation increase. After a little digging around, Retail Support found that our data showed they'd drawn less than 70% of the players their allocation would allow.

It turned out that the other 30% of their players were hiding in an unreported Prerelease. This is regrettably common—if an event doesn't get reported in WER, it's as if it never happened.

If your numbers differ wildly from expectations, or if you've shown a steady upward trajectory in attendance but your allocation hasn't followed suit, there's a decent chance we're working with imperfect information.

Double check that all your events were reported. If they weren't, reach out.

4. If you do have questions, wait a few days before calling in.

We'll be inundated with calls for the first few days after allocations are sent, so you could be facing a lengthy stretch of hold time if you reach out right away. Give it three or four days—call volumes should settle down by then.

But if you do have a concern, get in touch before the scheduling window closes on March 5. After that, allocations will be locked in.

Of course, you won't get any allocation at all if you don't sign up for Prerelease.

So log into WER and schedule your Amonkhet events now!


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