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July 19, 2016 | 1 min to read

Scheduling for Kaladesh Prerelease is open, and Prerelease allocation numbers have been sent out by email.

When you review them, here are a few things to keep in mind:

The number of cards in the set heavily influences your allocation.

Each Magic set falls into one of two categories: "big" or "small," depending on how many cards are in the set. For example, Kaladesh is a big set, with 264 cards. Aether Revolt will be a small set with 184.

It's important to note that historically we've seen big sets get higher turnout than smaller sets.

To understand how this impacts allocations, consider the example of Playset Games (real store, fake name).

Example: Playset Games

  Shadows over Innistrad Eldritch Moon Kaladesh
Total Prerelease Packs 108 72 144
Baseline Prerelease Packs 72 54 90
Growth Prerelease Packs 36 18 54
Attendance 96 66 n/a

Allocations are based on attendance for a recent, similarly-sized set.

The starting point for Kaladesh allocations is Shadows over Innistrad attendance. Your store level, the number of events you schedule—none of those things factor in.

Playset Games was allocated 144 players worth of product for Kaladesh (KLD). That was based on attendance for Shadows over Innistrad (SOI), where they drew 96 players out of a possible 108 (their total allocation).

This is a fairly typical increase: they used about 90% of their allocation, and saw their allocation go up about 25%.

Growth product is the best way to up your allocation from set to set.

Your total allocation is a composite of "baseline" product and "growth" product.

In most cases, baseline allocations will be pretty close to your attendance at the most recent similarly-sized set.

For Playset, their SOI attendance was 96, so in their baseline allocation for KLD, they saw 90 Prerelease packs (the nearest factor of 18—because that's the number of Prerelease packs per case).

Growth product is there to help accommodate players beyond that total, and increase your allocation over time. (You must purchase 36 growth prize boosters to accompany every 18 growth Prerelease Packs you choose to buy.)

The Planeswalker Decks are for Open Dueling.

Every store has been allocated the same number of Planeswalker Decks. These are for casual, open-play side events known as "Open Dueling."

Open Dueling breathes some flexibility into Prerelease, making sure players can find the Prerelease experience that's right for them. It's great for newer players, or folks who don't have time for the main event, or even players doing the main event who want to get some battles in between rounds.

Schedule your Open Dueling events as "Magic Casual" in Wizards Event Reporter and issue players a Planeswalker Deck on entry.

If you still have questions about your allocations after reviewing your numbers, feel free to contact Retail Support, before the Kaladesh scheduling window closes on August 7!

By Matt Neubert


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