All Box Sales From KLD–UNS Eligible for Treasure Chests

All Box Sales From KLD–UNS Eligible for Treasure Chests

November 15, 2017 | 1 min to read

In response to your feedback, we've added some flexibility to the XLN Treasure Chest promotion: all booster box sales of any set from Kaladesh to Unstable will be eligible for a Treasure Chest once the promotion begins on November 24.

Additionally, we've lifted the one-per-customer limit: customers are now eligible for multiple Treasure Chests if they purchase multiple boxes.

Note that this will include Iconic Masters and Unstable, once they release (November 17 and December 8, respectively).

Here are all the eligible sets:

Aether Revolt
Modern Masters 2017
Hour of Devastation
Iconic Masters

As a reminder, Treasure Chests are special booster packs with extra rares and foils, including an exclusive alternate-art transform land from Ixalan. They'll arrive before the promotion begins (no need to order or request them).* If you've still got Buy-a-Box Boosters once November 24 arrives, please issue Treasure Chests instead (while supplies last).

*APAC retailers: Check with your local Wizards representative for distribution details.

Here are three ways to give this promotion its best chance of success:

Put These Posters in Your Store

Go here under "Flyers and Posters" to download materials to advertise the promotion in your store.

Use Our Ads on Social Media

Wizards is strongly supporting the promotion online, and you can help boost the signal by dropping these ads in your social media channels.

Download them here under the "Social Media" tab. Drop them on social media repeatedly in the run up to the promotion and afterward.

Plug the Promotion in Your Announcements

Between now and the 24th, we've got Iconic Masters Drafts, PPTQs for the second Pro Tour of 2018, plus FNM and Standard Showdown. Take a moment in your announcements to make sure everyone knows: while supplies last, buy a box of Ixalan get bonus rares, foils, and an alternate-art transform land.


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