Applying for WPN Premium? Great. Here are 5 Things To Do First.

Applying for WPN Premium? Great. Here are 5 Things To Do First.

April 22, 2019 | 2 min to read

WPN Premium is a public recognition of the best game stores in the world. Premium stores offer consistent, world-class experiences to their customers and players—again and again.

Think you're ready? Great! Here are five things you should do before you apply—they'll save you some time later. (You may, of course, apply any time, even if you have not done all of these things—numbers four and five are not required as part of your initial application.)


1. Check your metrics.


We want to make sure WPN Premium stores have active, healthy play communities. Check out the requirements below, but note that, if you are close to the threshold, you are still welcome to apply. You can find your store's numbers in the weekly WPN Update email.

  • 40 Engaged Players
  • 2000 Total Tickets
  • 15 Activated Players


2. Review the Quality Checklist.


The bar for WPN Premium is high. Store accessibility, exterior and interior appearance, event quality, and overall customer experience are all examined carefully. Use the checklist icon below for a look at what we’re expecting from WPN Premium stores before submitting your application.

WPN Premium Quality Checklist

If your store leaves a few of these boxes unchecked, or if have questions about any of the items, give us a call. Your Development Specialist will be happy to clarify.


3. Record a video walkthrough of your store.


We can't wait to see your store. When we review your video, we'll be comparing what we see to the Quality Checklist. (Note that your video will need to be downloadable, so Youtube won't work.)


4. Draft a floor plan.


You'll eventually be asked to provide a floor plan before receiving the WPN Premium designation. If you don't have a floor plan at the ready, no problem—these resources can help you get a head start on putting one together.


5. Prepare point-of-sale data (US only).


WPN Premium applicants will also be asked to provide two months of point-of-sale data (United States only) before receiving the WPN Premium designation.

Point-of-sale data will be used only for internal purposes and will not be shared with a third party, except with a third party that has been contracted to aggregate and process this data.

Your WPN Development Specialist will reach out to you after you apply with criteria on what we’re looking for. To see an example, you can download a template below.

POS Data Template.

Follow the instructions included in the "SKU list instructions" tab of the template for details on how to automatically update the SKU info in your template each month as new products are added.

You can find the Master UPC/SKU List here.

If you think your store is a good fit for WPN Premium, please use the link below to apply.

Apply for WPN Premium

You’ll receive an automated response upon submission. It could take up to two weeks for a follow-up on the status of your application. Due to the anticipated volume of applications, your application may be put on hold indefinitely.

If you have questions about the application process, contact us.


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