Bring a Friend, Build a Community

Bring a Friend, Build a Community

December 11, 2014 | 1 min to read

Power Nine Gaming, a 2 year-old WPN store, faced a challenge that many new stores face—creating and maintaining a loyal customer base.

Bring a Friend

To help build their base, they started a Bring-a-Friend program.

All new players were given old promo cards and two sample decks. The person who brought the new player received a booster of the most current Magic set.

However, the next problem they faced was how to convert those new players into loyal customers?

Build a Welcoming Community

The owner of Power Nine Gaming, Jeanie Wilt, explains, "It's really the attitude of regular players that brings new players back."

So she established an expectation of maintaining a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for everyone at her store.

It soon became the norm for more experienced players to volunteer and mentor newer players, to induct them into the community, and to pass on Jeanie's expectations.

A Program Becomes an Attitude

After only two years, Power Nine Gaming gained nearly 100 new players, with events of over 125 players, and has even hosted a Pro Tour Qualifier!

"It's not a program anymore," says Jeanie. "It's an attitude now, an expectation of how we run our store. Any new player that comes to our store is going to want to come back."


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