Changes to Premier Play Programs

Changes to Premier Play Programs

February 9, 2017 | 1 min to read

With the launch of a number of new organized play programs, we realize your event calendar is packed.

So we have decided to sunset in-store Grand Prix Trials, effective June 2017, in order to allow you to focus on events that help offer the maximum impact for your business.

The Grand Prix Trials for Grand Prix Las Vegas will be the last in-store GPTs.

Players will still be able to earn byes at Grand Prix main events through trial events that occur on the Friday before any given GP, as well as through the accrual of the necessary yearly Planeswalker Point thresholds.

In addition to this change, today we announced:

Nationals Will Return, beginning in September 2017.

The World Magic Qualifiers program has helped establish a robust network of organizers.

Thanks to these efforts, we are able to bring the fan-loved Nationals back by replacing WMCQs with the Nationals taking place September 9, 16, and 23.

To participate in their nations, players will still need to accrue a certain number of Planeswalker Points by the end of the yearly Award Season (May 28, 2017).

For more details on all of these changes, check out Helene Bergeot’s announcement on the Magic website.


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