Charity Gaming Events Prep List

Charity Gaming Events Prep List

October 24, 2014 | 1 min to read

You've chosen your cause, your date, and your game.

Now let us help you see it through.

With this 10-step charity event checklist, you'll have the basics covered in no time:

Step 1: Contact Your Cause

Be sure your cause is a legitimate charity that appeals to your community. You may need to register your event so be sure to check your local laws and regulations.

If you chose an existing organization, contact them before moving forward—they may have guidelines you'll want to know about.

Step 2: Reach Out to Potential Sponsors

Try local vendors and fellow game stores for concessions, services, or products to auction. Try printers and venues, too.

Step 3: Vet Locations Online

Find out where similar events took place. Survey community centers, public parks, fraternal organization halls, and restaurants.

Step 4: Vet Locations in Person

Consider capacity, ventilation, parking, and potential traffic issues.

Step 5: Set a Budget, Admission Fee, and Fundraising Goal

Wait until you know your idea is viable, and you know the total expenses after donations.

Step 6: Brand Your Event

Extra Life is a great example of a memorable name that underscores its cause.

Step 7: Create an Event Schedule

If you're running a Magic: The Gathering event, balance a Standard tournament with casual side events like Minimaster or Wizard's Tower.

Step 8: Equip Yourself to Receive Donations

Have a Paypal account, a lockbox, an on-site donation box, maybe POS apps like The Square.

Step 9: Advertise

Create a Facebook event page and include a Donate button. Prioritize digital advertising to reduce costs.

Step 10: Preregister

This gives you a chance to incentivize players to spread the word. Offer donations in their name.

Planning a great charity gaming event? Tell us about it!


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