Comic Tempel's Genius Marketing Advice

Comic Tempel's Genius Marketing Advice

October 15, 2015 | 1 min to read

Moritz Kaltofen, owner of Comic Tempel in Dresden, Germany, wanted try something new to market the store and its events.

Like most WPN stores, he didn't have a big budget. But he did have a great relationship with his local player community.

A Star Is Born

He knew that one of his players had a talent for creating videos and he asked if he'd be willing to help the store.

The player spent about an hour and a half filming the store's Prerelease and Comic Tempel provided him with a free dinner. It was such a success that they've been doing it ever since.

The other players in the store were skeptical about the filming at first. But once they understood the purpose of the videos, they were proud to appear in them. So proud that now they sometimes complain if they don't end up in the final cut!

Effective Marketing and Great Community Building

Comic Tempel sees the videos not only as an effective marketing tool, but as part of their overall entertainment package and in-store experience. It fosters a sense of togetherness for the players in the store.

"Just ask around your local community. Maybe there is someone with a special talent, hobby, or education," advises Moritz.

Do you know the hidden talents of your players? It's time to find out!

By Florian Nölting


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