Commander Parties Start Soon – Get Scheduling!

Commander Parties Start Soon – Get Scheduling!

December 7, 2021 | 1 min to read

Have you been busy generating more excitement around the upcoming Commander Parties, coming right in time for Innistrad: Double Feature on January 28–30? This one night only, immersive in-store adventure is exclusive to WPN Premium stores and will get all fans of Commander excited about being back in their communities!

Prepare for your upcoming Commander Party by reviewing the content from your kit—watch the videos, organize your Faction Cards, and designate the best spot in your store to hold the event. Pick a place where all players will be able to see the video screen and hear the audio well enough to feel completely immersed in the game.

These Commander Parties, exclusive to WPN Premium stores, will keep the hype train moving on our classic horror-themed set, Innistrad: Double Feature. Having a night of immersive, spooky entertainment in the popular setting of Innistrad may inspire your players to pick up the limited black and white collection!

If you haven’t scheduled your event yet, head to Wizards EventLink right away to get your event on paper now! The sooner you get your Commander Party dates scheduled, the better chance you’ll have at a high event turnout.


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