Could This Unique Event Win You New Players?

Could This Unique Event Win You New Players?

August 12, 2015 | 1 min to read

What do you do when a new player comes in the door?

Ultra Comix in Nürnberg, Germany has come up with a fun, unique answer, and it's putting up great results.

New players are guided through a kind of "learn-to-play triathlon," in which they gradually build their confidence and their collections.

Here's how it works:

1. Event #1: Learn to Play

New players receive their choice of Sample Deck and take on other new players. The event is free-to-play, and no experienced players are allowed to participate.

2. Event #2: Learn a Second Color

These same players choose another Sample Deck, then receive a second chosen at random by the organizer. These two decks are then combined into one sixty-card deck (they're designed with this in mind) so that participants can learn to play with two colors.

3. Event #3: Learn Deckbuilding

This gives them their first taste of deckbuilding. Players receive another set of two Sample Decks, plus a Booster Pack (which they purchase), then tailor a sixty-card deck out of these seventy-five.

By this point, these players have a solid grasp on the basics of Magic, plus the beginnings of a solid collection.

Contact your WPN representative for Magic Origins Sample Decks and give it a try!

By Matt Neubert


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