Dare to Descend with D&D's Latest Storyline!

Dare to Descend with D&D's Latest Storyline!

May 5, 2015 | 1 min to read

Today, Wizards of the Coast announced Rage of Demons, the new storyline for Dungeons & Dragons fans coming in Fall 2015.

The Story All D&D Gamers Will Be Excited to Play This Fall

Following on the critically-acclaimed Tyranny of Dragons and Elemental Evil stories, Rage of Demons will transport players to the dark places of the soul. The demon lords have been released out of the Abyss and players must travel down to the Underdark with the iconic hero Drizzt Do’Urden to stop the chaos before it threatens the surface.

Early Release (Core level and Above) on September 4

Your players can descend into the Underdark in Out of the Abyss, a new adventure which provides details on the demon lords rampaging the Underdark.

The adventure releases on September 15, with an early release date of September 4, for Core level and above stores.

Your players will have the opportunity to play the opening chapters of Out of the Abyss at participating WPN locations, as part of the D&D Encounters in-store play program.

Partners like WizKids, GaleForce 9 and Smiteworks will all support Rage of Demons with new products to help your players bring their tabletop games to life. Related digital releases from Sword Coast Legends and Neverwinter along with a new novel from R.A. Salvatore, Archmage, will amplify the storyline across platforms.  

Start Preparing Your Marketing Materials!

Logo and key art are now available in the marketing materials section of our website, so you can start preparing your players to descend into the Underdark!

D&D products and this page are available in English only.


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