Distributor Lock Deadline for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is This Week!

Distributor Lock Deadline for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is This Week!

November 22, 2021 | 1 min to read

Select Your Distributor for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Before November 24

As the holidays draw near, your store will get busy—don't forget to lock in your distributor for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty by November 24. That way, you can run all your events in-store and online while getting players geared up for the science fiction future coming in 2022.

We previously announced all the dates you need to know for the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty season, so be sure to utilize it as a reference as you make your plans.

Keep Scheduling Events in Wizards EventLink

Open your calendar in Wizards EventLink and get a head start on scheduling your events. Event scheduling is currently open for Store Championships, along with both Friday Night Magic and Commander Nights for Innistrad: Crimson Vow.

Remember, scheduling events only takes a minute, and it's arguably the most important step to ensure more players can see what you're hosting! Plus, the earlier you can get your events on the calendar, the sooner you can advertise and start collecting sign-ups.

As a reminder, if you're aiming to achieve WPN Premium designation by the end of the year, the deadline to apply is December 7.

Keep an eye out here for more details on upcoming events—you and your players have a lot to look forward to!


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