Engage New Players with Flavor and Favors

Engage New Players with Flavor and Favors

October 9, 2014 | 2 min to read

Last July, Mint Sportscards and Games united two hallmarks of summer in Japan: a Magic Core Set and seasonal kimono called "Yukata."

The yukata-clad players earned special rewards, like pins and deckboxes.

Some of these women are veterans of a decade plus, others are recent initiates building their first deck.

Every competitor picked up party favors like circular fans ("uchiwa").

Note the two-tiered gaming tables: drinks stay above while decks stay safe from spills below.

Top finisher Ryo Mihara took home a set of Pop! Vinyl Planeswalker figures.

Players were hooked enough to battle on even after the contest was decided, and the battle continues at a monthly occasion!

That's the key to the event's success: it's an occasion. And it's a unique approach to turning players on to the game.

So take on a fresh theme and take on new players today!


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