Everything You Need to Nail Your Return to In-Store Play

May 24, 2021 | 2 min to read

In-store play returns to the U.S. on May 28, and we’re making sure you’ve got what you need for a safe and smooth transition back to in-store play.

Here’s a roundup of what you can do to help ease customers back to their favorite local game store.

  • Amplify the Love Your Local Game Store Sales Promotion with new Marketing Materials
  • Schedule events in Wizards EventLink
  • Make any changes to your distributor for Mystery Booster Convention Edition
  • Review new discretionary in-store event policies

Amplify the Love Your Local Game Store Sales Promotion

In case you missed it, the Love Your Local Game Store promotion kicks off on June 18 with a foil, retro-frame Fabled Passage promo card for each customer who spends $50 in your store on sealed Magic.

Promote play and amplify this amazing promo using these new Love Your Local Game Store marketing materials.

Schedule WPN Programs Now on Wizards EventLink

Ready to start scheduling in-store events? They're available on Wizards EventLink now!

All in-store WPN event programs with a start date on or after May 28 now appear in scheduling templates on Wizards EventLink for stores in the U.S. only.

You can also schedule non-WPN in-store events through a template called In-Store Event.

As a reminder, Friday Night Magic and Strixhaven Commander Nights will not be available to schedule in-store via EventLink until May 28.

If you want to host events but aren't ready to reopen in-store play, At-Home and Webcam events are available to schedule on Wizards EventLink. We recommend using SpellTable beta—it's the best tool available for playing paper Magic remotely.

Change Your Distributor for Mystery Booster Convention Edition by May 28

In-store play is only the first step of a legendary WPN experience in the coming months! Mystery Booster Convention Edition will be available exclusively at WPN stores later this year, and we'll be locking your allocations and your distributor on May 28. Make any changes to your distributor before then.

Review Discretionary In-Store Event Policies

Finally, we’ve updated our in-store event policies to help meet you where you are as play gradually returns globally. These optional policies help you run your events in a way that works best for your community as COVID-19 safety protocols continue to change.

These policies are supplemental to the overarching WPN Terms and Conditions. They are optional, temporary, and should only be applied in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Whatever the transition to in-store play looks like for you, we’ve got you covered and will continue supporting you along the way.

Now’s the time to schedule your events in EventLink, advertise the Love Your Local Game Store promotion, and start welcoming customers back to in-store Magic on May 28 in the U.S.


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