Excite Players on Game Day with This

Excite Players on Game Day with This

April 13, 2015 | 1 min to read

Dragons of Tarkir is all about dragons.

What better way to make this weekend's Game Day a memorable experience then by celebrating dragons?

Get players engaged and excited to come back to your store with this simple and fun idea for Game Day weekend.

Dragon Attack

Whenever a player casts a Dragon creature spell, have them yell out "Dragon Attack!" or something similar. Keep a running tally of the number of "Dragon Attacks" and when you reach 20 "Dragon Attacks," celebrate by rewarding your players with something special.

You can even create a tiered system of fun. For example:

  • At 10 "Dragon Attacks," reward players with a slice of pizza or snack!
  • At 20, reward them with extra promo cards you may have!
  • At 30, reward everyone with a Dragons of Tarkir booster pack!

You may want to consider changing these numbers depending on how many players you have at your event.

However you choose to celebrate Game Day, take photos of the great experiences at your store and send them to WPNStories@wizards.com and you may be featured on our website!

By Jordan Comar


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