An Eye-Catching Display in 5 Easy Steps!

An Eye-Catching Display in 5 Easy Steps!

January 7, 2015 | 2 min to read

Promote Fate Reforged AND an inclusive event activity with this easy display idea.

What you need: 1 vase, a large amount of dice, 1 14-inch square board, sticky tackMini LED Balloon Lights

Step 1: Turn on the Mini LED Balloon Lights and put them in the vase.

Step 2: Add dice. Record how many you used.

Step 3: Add sticky tack.

Step 4: Set the board atop the vase.

Step 5: Display in a prominent place. At your events, ask players to guess how many dice are in the vase. Announce you'll offer a reward, such as free entry to Fate Reforged Launch Weekend, to whomever makes the closest estimate.




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