FNM Advertising Made Simple

FNM Advertising Made Simple

September 26, 2014 | 1 min to read

How are you spreading the word about the amazing Friday Night Magic experiences you've got planned?

Manga Memos sends players home with a wallet-sized copy of their event schedule.

Use this simple template to try it out!

  1. Open the file in Adobe Reader.
  2. In the top field of the far left-hand flyer, fill in your FNM schedule, including time and formats through the end of the year.
  3. In the bottom field of the far left-hand flyer, add your store information.
  4. Once you complete both fields, the software will automatically fill in the rest of the flyers for you!
  5. Print and cut.
  6. Hand them out. Some easy ways to get them out there:
    • Slip them into a customer's bag along with their purchase
    • Staple them to receipts
    • Add them to a Prerelease care package with a Prerelease pack, life-tracking pads, and other goodies

Download it now!


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