Get Extra Mileage out of FTV: Lore

Get Extra Mileage out of FTV: Lore

August 15, 2016 | 2 min to read

Last month, I made an emergency trip to my favorite record store. An artist I admire had put out a surprise release—a 7 inch single, hand-numbered, super limited.

I rushed in, but with tempered expectations. The print run was vanishingly small—just a few hundred copies—and only a handful of stores got it. I didn't even know if mine was one of them.

I was hardly through the door when the clerk handed me a copy, with a little blue Post-It note that had my name on it. I was floored—not just that they held it for me, but that they knew my tastes well enough to know I'd want it.

I'd been a customer for years, and with that tiny gesture, they made sure I'd stay that way.

Next week brings an opportunity for WPN members to do the same: From the Vault: Lore.

Here's why:

From the Vault: Lore was curated as a kind of table of contents to Magic's story.

That means it includes some of the game's most iconic cards, many of which—like Umezawa's Jitte—triggered epochal shifts in both the story and in the game itself. Naturally, demand for these reprints is high.

We hope you'll think of From the Vault: Lore as a tool, and leverage that demand to help reach your goals.

For example, some stores use it as the engine of a loyalty program to show their appreciation to regular customers.

How much do you think their clientage is worth over the life of your business?

Others have added copies to their prize pools to drive the attendance they need to reach Advanced or Advanced Plus.

How do you think that cost measures against more promos and more events—not to mention, more From the Vault?

We've seen stores use FTV as a lever to boost Prerelease preregistrations or a way to surprise and delight newcomers.

Whatever your goal, From the Vault is a powerful way to drive the behavior you want to see in your store.

So earmark a portion of your allocation to grow your business!

By Matt Neubert


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