Get More Mileage from Your Prerelease

Get More Mileage from Your Prerelease

July 2, 2018 | 3 min to read

Fans who do in-store play bring more to the Magic ecosystem than those who don't. Initiating them into the hobby means making sure their initial experiences are positive, then offering higher rungs to reach for if they want to.

That’s one reason Prerelease is the pivotal event of the season—it’s the one event that draws players from all levels of immersion in the game, which means it's your best chance to take players from outside the in-store play ecosystem and usher them toward deeper investment.

So think of M19 Prerelease as an upsale opportunity—except you're upselling events.

The WPN event calendar is designed such that, whatever level of engagement appeals to a given player, there's a place for them. Here's how it breaks down:

New Players

By "new player" we mean "no knowledge of how to play Magic."


While Open House is the best intro event for brand new players, thousands of people get their first Magic experience at Prerelease. If they want a second, League is the way to go.

The Sealed format creates an equal playing field, and new players can jump in without committing a huge amount of time or money. It’s also a natural learning environment, where more experienced players can coach new players in deck building as the League progresses.

Core Set 2019 League Invitation

Use these invitations for a quick and painless way to register. Fill out the left side with your event information. Players keep the informational half and turn the other half in to preregister.

Interested Players

An "interested player" has a basic understanding of Magic, and is ready to learn more about strategy and game play.

Friday Night Magic

Friday Night Magic is the flagship program of the WPN.

For a player just getting their bearings, it's the best place to start with in-store play. More structured than League but more casual than Standard Showdown, the value proposition of FNM isn't just the event—it's the social interaction that the event promises.

We've got invitations for FNM, too. Download them here.

Engaged Players

We define "engaged players" as "competent in Magic game play, eager to invest in the game on a regular basis."

Draft Weekend

If a player is ready to leap into drafting, their best chance comes on the very next weekend.

Draft Weekend is a great opportunity for your experienced drafters to continue limited play with the new set, but can also be a venue for teaching players who are new to completely new drafting. As always, participants will also receive a special promo for participating in your Draft Weekend events.

Each experience level has a direct path to their next event from Prerelease. Give yourself the best chance of turning them into lifelong customers by making your Prerelease unforgettable, then inviting them back to the event that's right for them.

By Nataly Scheidt


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