Get Ready for Khans of Tarkir Prerelease

Get Ready for Khans of Tarkir Prerelease

September 2, 2014 | 2 min to read

Khans of Tarkir Prerelease is nearly here! Ensure your store is ready by following these steps:

1. Preregister Your Players

Avoid chaos at the beginning of the event by encouraging players to preregister ahead of time.

Use the signup sheet available in our digital marketing assets and start signing up players now!

2. Advertise Your Event

Use our digital marketing assets to spread the word about your event!

Download and print flyers and posters to hand out. Use the artwork and logos to promote the events on your social media channels.

3. Get to Know the Clans

At Prerelease, players will declare allegiance to one of the five clans of Tarkir by selecting a Prerelease pack associated with that clan.

Help players get to know the five clans before the event by hanging the five clan banners provided in your Prerelease kit as soon as you receive them.

Consider adding descriptions below each banner or in your social media promotions for the event.

  • Abzan: Strong, weathered warriors who use Green, White, and Black mana
  • Jeskai: Nimble monks and cunning students who harness White, Blue, and Red mana
  • Sultai: Opulent and wealthy necromancers who utilize Blue, Black, and Green mana
  • Mardu: A swift and bloodthirsty horde powered by Black, Red, and White mana
  • Temur: Ferociously savage nomads driven by Red, Green, and Blue mana

4. Set Expectations for Prerelease Packs

Each Prerelease pack will contain boosters designed to assist in deck-building for the player's chosen clan. Each pack also features 1 of 8 playable, stamped, and dated promo cards unique to the clan.

Encourage players to preregister to increase the chance of playing with their favorite clan!

Be ready to highlight the advantages of each clan to help avoid disappointment for those who don't get their first choice.

5. Prepare Your Announcements

Along with your normal announcements, be ready to explain how to use the Khans of Tarkir achievement card.

In each Prerelease pack, players will receive a clan-specific achievement card along with a sticker. Once they complete the achievement card, players should sign the sticker and put it on their clan banner to show their allegiance to their clan!

6. Set Up a Photo Shoot Area

Decorate an area for your players to gather with their clan banners and snap photos to share on social media!

The best photos might appear on the Magic website!

7. Bring on the Flavor!

Keep checking this site for additional ideas that will bring out the flavor of the new set at your events!

Planning something amazing? Tell us about it!

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