Get a Transformers TCG Demo Kit

Get a Transformers TCG Demo Kit

January 28, 2019 | 1 min to read

To help support the growth of Transformers Trading Card Game communities in stores, we are testing a demo kit in American WPN stores, set to arrive on March 1.

WPN Promotion: Transformers TCG Demo Kit

Starting today, WPN members in the U.S. may sign up for WPN Promotion: Transformers TCG Demo Kit* in Wizards Event Reporter to receive two AUTOBOTS Starter Set demo copies.

The AUTOBOTS Starter Set is a great introduction to the game for two players, or can be used by one player as a complete team and deck for advanced play. The AUTOBOTS Starter Set comes with a ready-to-play deck of forty battle cards, plus four character cards not found in Booster Packs.

Kits will arrive in stores March 1. Use this product to help new players jump into the game. After the demo, run a casual league experience to introduce players to the new set, Rise of the Combiners (coming March 1) and in-store play!

For a casual league experience, R&D recommends:

  • Start with four RISE OF THE COMBINERS booster packs
  • Build a 25-card deck of battle cards
  • Add an additional pack each week

Take advantage of this pilot promotion before it’s too late. Sign up in WER today!

*The WPN Promotion: Transformers TCG Demo Kit is only available in the U.S.


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