Get a WPN-Exclusive Preview Card

Get a WPN-Exclusive Preview Card

February 29, 2016 | 1 min to read

Beginning today, we're launching a Facebook tab for retailers.

Each Monday, we'll update the tab with new Shadows over Innistrad information to share with your players, including a WPN-exclusive preview card on March 14.

Install the Shadows over Innistrad Facebook Tab

To install the tab, click this link, select your store's page, then choose "Add Page Tab." Navigate back to your store's page, and click "Manage Tabs." Slide the tab up to the top.

Then each Monday, encourage your players to check out the page for new information about the set.

This tab only works with a business Facebook page. It cannot be used on a personal Facebook page or on a website. We're launching this service as a pilot program, in English only. But if it proves to be successful, we'll look at localizing it into other languages.

Get the tab now!

By Nina Hess and Matt Neubert

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