Grow Your D&D Customer Base

Grow Your D&D Customer Base

June 18, 2015 | 2 min to read

School's out. You have more kids and parents frequenting your store.

Now's the perfect time to introduce them to Dungeons & Dragons and inspire a lifetime of gaming and loyalty to your store.

And we have a great new tool to help you!

Monster Slayers: The Champions of the Elements

Last week, Dungeons & Dragons introduced a new adventure for kids: Monster Slayers: The Champions of the Elements. This free download captures all the flavor of the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop roleplaying game in one fast-paced package.

The game is appropriate for ages six and up, requires only about ten minutes of prep, and can be played to completion in less than thirty minutes. The download includes everything you need to play, aside from a few dice and pencils.

You can use this adventure to publicize your store to a new demographic and grow a new loyal customer base. Here's a few ideas to try:  

1. Run a One-Time D&D Monster Slayers Event

Draw kids (and parents!) into your store with a kid-friendly event centered around Monster Slayers.

Make it a memorable experience by providing D&D-themed snacks, setting up a magic item crafting station, or try one of these other ideas.And don't forget to schedule it in Wizards Event Reporter, under "D&D Casual Event" so it will appear in our Store and Event Locator. 

Prominently display your D&D products alongside flyers or posters advertising D&D events available at your store. 

Remember, your kid-focused event will draw an equal number of parents and may be just the excuse they need to get back into playing Dungeons & Dragons again.

2. Set up a Weekly Monster Slayers Session at D&D Encounters

Do you have younger customers (or their parents) who are interested in D&D Encounters, but intimidated to join your existing groups?

Ease them into the program by publicizing a new-player friendly session of Monster Slayers: The Champions of the Elements that runs alongside your D&D Encounters session.

3. Reach Out to Kid-Oriented Organizations

Many successful WPN stores have grown their customer base by reaching out to schools and other kid-oriented organizations in their communities, like the Boys & Girls Club.

Monster Slayers: The Champions of the Elements could be a great centerpiece to this kind of program. Its educational benefits make it highly appealing to teachers, librarians, and parents. And because it's quick-to-play and to prep, it's a breeze to teach and run.

Start now by reaching out to day camps, community centers, libraries, and other locations in your community where kids are hanging out over the summer.

Then prep a school outreach plan for this fall. We even have a downloadable letter you can customize to introduce yourself.

Have a great experience using Monster Slayers in your store or running D&D with kids? I'd love to hear about it! Write to me at  

by Nina Hess

*This article and D&D products are available in English only.


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