Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is Coming!

October 7, 2014 | 2 min to read

Halloween will be here before you know it, and this year, it falls on a Friday!

Draw in new players to your store with a Halloween-themed Friday Night Magic or better yet, plan a whole week of spooktacular fun.

Advertise your events around the community with the help of the digital marketing assets available on our products pages. Encourage your veteran players to bring a friend.

In addition to gaming, here are some ideas to make your event extra-fun:

Trick-or-Treat with Sample Decks!

Instead of candy, hand out Magic Sample Decks along with a flyer inviting trick-or-treaters back to your events!

Magic Sample Decks are available to WPN stores at no-charge. Call retail support to order in time for Halloween.

Create a Spooky Atmosphere

Dim the lights and set out colored LED candles on your play tables to set the mood.

Above: Morningstar Games

Hold a Costume Contest

Incentivize players to dress up as their favorite Khan, Planeswalker, or Dungeons & Dragons character with a small reward such as store credit or a free pizza.

Have players vote for their favorite costume and reward the winner with a Halloween goodie bag filled with candy and Magic: The Gathering products.

If a player dresses as their favorite Khan, honor them as the champion of their clan and put their name up on your Khans of Tarkir banners.

Craft Planeswalker or Monster Masks

Put up some artwork (like our downloadable Planeswalker posters or Dungeons & Dragons posters) for inspiration and provide simple craft supplies. 

It's not just for kids! Watch Martha Stewart make some seriously sophisticated masks with just a paper plate and elastic cord!*

Planning a great Halloween event? Take pictures and send them to us for a chance to be featured in an article! 

*This article is available in English only. 


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