Helping New Players Find Your Store

Helping New Players Find Your Store

May 20, 2014 | 2 min to read

Helping new players in your community find your store is a great way to grow your store's player community and achieve higher levels in the Wizards Play Network. While there are many ways to go about this, we are going to cover a few basics to help you get started.

Your current players are your best advocates for getting new players into your store

Your players will want to share the great experiences they are having at your store with their friends. The social nature of our games encourages players to get their friends involved, creating an opportunity for you to engage these new players in your store's events. Equipping your players with great experiences that they can tell their friends about is an invaluable resource in word-of-mouth advertising. Think of every customer interaction as an opportunity to give them a first-class experience that they can share with others!

Be prepared for these new players

Use Sample Deck demos and Intro Packs to help introduce new players and build on the excitement that comes with discovering a new and immersive game. Develop a plan for interacting with new players before they come into your store to ensure that new players have a consistent, well-organized experience. That experience will differ if they show up during an event on a Friday night or on a night when you do not have an event going on, so be sure to plan accordingly!

Set up new player incentives

Using incentives to encourage your current players to bring new people can be a great way to expand your events. Incentives can be as simple as booster packs or reduced entry into events for players that bring in someone new. Creating an environment that makes new players feel welcome and comfortable increases the likelihood they will become store regulars. Tell your players about any special events you run for new players; it gives them a great reason to bring in friends that feel nervous about jumping in to their first event!

Use the Store & Event Locator

One of the benefits to being in the Wizards Play Network is that new players can find your store through our Store and Event Locator. As long as your information is up-to-date, players in your area can see your store and view all of the future events you have scheduled in Wizards Event Reporter! If you need to update your store information, please contact us so we can assist you. Schedule your events in advance through Wizards Event Reporter so that players looking for a place to play can see what you have to offer!

Taking steps to give players a reliable way to find out about your store, and giving them a great experience once they arrive, creates a solid foundation for maintaining and growing your community of players!


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