How 1 Store Grew Their FNM

How 1 Store Grew Their FNM

June 5, 2015 | 2 min to read

Focusing efforts on providing a fun, casual atmosphere at your Friday Night Magic goes a long way towards attracting new players to come, play, and stay.

Take it from Lee Wiegand of Know Dice Games!

He Found a Community Partner

When a representative from the Boys and Girls Club of America reached out to Know Dice Games, he and his staff headed down for a visit, bringing plenty of Magic: The Gathering sample decks to hand out and use to teach the game.

Getting involved in their community, inspiring and educating children, and spreading joy were rewards in themselves. But Lee quickly realized that it was also an opportunity.

He Created a Learn-to-Play Event at FNM

After his experience at the Boys and Girls Club, Lee decided to launch a second Friday Night Magic event and focus it on educating new players.

This new FNM event is free to play, uses sample decks only with no structured tournament, and is marketed towards new and less-experienced players.

Those who participate in this event get a discount on the second FNM event that starts a couple hours later. This includes veteran players as well!

In fact, Lee has a veteran player who regularly attends to help teach new players the game.

He Says a More Casual Event Pays Off

About twenty players attended the first few learn-to-play FNMs—a lot more than what he expected!

Not only did the event draw in new players, including some of the Boys and Girls Club members, it created a more relaxed, welcoming atmosphere overall.

Before they added the casual event to FNM, Lee explained, "we had players who would leave before [FNM] even started once they learned that our top player was playing in that night's event."

Now casual fun is the priority and everyone has an equal chance of getting an FNM promo.

You can follow in Lee's footsteps! Contact a local community organization like Boys and Girls Club of America and YMCA and see how you can get involved. Then create your casual event for Friday Night Magic and invite the community to come and play at your store!

By Jordan Comar


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