How Draft Weekend Pays Off At JK Entertainment

How Draft Weekend Pays Off At JK Entertainment

November 8, 2017 | 2 min to read

By Tobias Henke of JK Entertainment of Frankfurt, Germany

If you've ever tried to explain booster drafts to someone who knew nothing about them, you'll probably agree that it's one of the few things in life which are actually easier done than said.

Booster drafts can be intimidating for new players, and that's a sad thing. Because while drafting may have a high barrier to entry, it has a lot to offer a beginner. It's a great way to build a collection. Plus, players don't need to own a lot of cards to reasonably compete with others who do.

At JK Entertainment, the benefit of Draft Weekend hasn't been just the drafts we fire or the packs we move. It's also been one of best opportunities to introduce new players to drafting—probably not a new player's first event, but a great chance to turn beginning players into regulars.

Booster Drafts are by far the most popular events we run.

And as a source of revenue they're crucial—both for their scope and their reliability. This is what drafting looks like from our perspective. It's a big part of our business.

The perspective of most regulars at our store, however, is different. The appeal of drafting is that it isn't a big deal. It's part of a cherished routine—something they do multiple times a week, after work or school, maybe twice on Friday.

The perspective of a beginning player is another one still. Drafting is intimidating. It's full of obscure etiquette and language. Everyone seems to understand this process that is totally opaque to you. It's like learning to play Magic for the second time.

Draft Weekend is where all those perspectives converge.

At Amonkhet Draft Weekend, we fired twenty-seven drafts, with about 215 entries total.

Many were regulars, coming out for the first chance to draft Amonkhet. But we definitely saw a higher ratio of new drafters to enfranchised drafters than we ordinarily would.

Because it tends to draw a diverse crowd, Draft Weekend is a good opportunity to give those newer players a more positive experience than they might find in a more intimate or familiar atmosphere, like at FNM. And if those new drafters return for regular draft night, then the event has paid off in ways that go beyond immediate sales.

At JK, this is a big part of what Draft Weekend is all about. It's one of the biggest benefits, and one of the metrics on which we judge the program.

Scheduling for Rivals of Ixalan Draft Weekend is open now. Sign up today and get promo cards to help move more product early in the season.


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