How to establish your commander community and develop it healthily

How to establish your commander community and develop it healthily

August 21, 2020 | 2 min to read

Maybe you’ve built up some and provided to your commander. Today let’s share you something on building up your community.


For those new customers, the first impression is very important.

New player may be shy to express themselves. You may play more pre-active to enroll them.


Run Commander Open House. Invite the new players to visit your store.

  • Tell there would be “learn to play” session
  • Tell them, there would be some other new players visit your store that day. They’ll meet some friend with the same level.
  • After new player finished demo, collect their feedback and invite them to your new player community.


The good practice to manage your community. It is important do not mix new players and experienced players too soon.

  • New players focus more on fun and experience, you could give more guide on this aspect.
  • Tell new players, you’ve prepared some entry level deck for them to test.
  • We know those experienced players would impact new players heavily. For new players, you need to help them step by step. And reminds those experienced players, they should focus on fun and casual when they play with new players.
  • You may post “ the philosophy of commander in your store” and tell those which try to disobey the rules. Players may felt unhappy at the beginning, but if you could deliver the message clearly and got recognition among players, the community would help you to build up a comfortable environment.


Tips for community management:

  • You may ask help from KOL in your in-store community, ask them to help you to manager the community together.
  • Praise the behavior you’d love to support and announce those behavior not welcomed in store, let everyone understand your benchmark. You may post a “In-store Rules” in obvious position so everyone could read it easily.


If new player grow up, you may introduce the new player to your in-store community. Make sure your costumer realize the new player need their help. So new player could join your group more easily.


MTG is a game which gathered people through their love of game. Remember that and develop more new players. It would grow your community, and your business.


We will tell you how to promote our products to commander players in next week. Don’t miss that!


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