How Japan Positioned League for Success

How Japan Positioned League for Success

January 18, 2017 | 2 min to read

Two years ago, we piloted a Magic League program in the Japanese market, similar to the Magic League program we'll be promoting for Aether Revolt.

The program helped many Japanese stores recruit and engage new and casual players.

Sports Card Mint in Yokohama, for example, earned more than 50 new players thanks to their League program, propelling them to Advanced Plus.

As you get ready to ramp up your own Magic League program, consider positioning your program to players using the same 5 principles that helped drive Japan's Magic League success:

1. Easy to Jump In

Magic League is a fantastic entry point for new players into recurring organized play. Players don't need to have a large, up-to-date collection—instead just three boosters to get started.

New to the game or getting back into it? League is a great entry point.

2. Easy to Build

Starting with only three booster packs generates the same even-playing-field appeal as a Sealed format event with less options—making deck construction less intimidating or overwhelming.

Open three booster packs and build a thirty-card deck in minutes.

3. Flexible Play

For players who have other commitments (work, family, school) Magic League allows them to enjoy the game on their schedule.

Play whenever you want, as much as you want.

4. Casual Play

Single game matches, rewards for actions other than winning, the ability to choose opponents, and no structured rounds or tournament—all lend to friendly constructive play.

There's no competitive tournament. You choose who you want to play. Play with friends or make new ones in our Magic League.

5. Great for Learning the Game

The smaller deck size increases the frequency in which players will get to see their cards in play, enabling newer players to become familiar with the new set and enough time to grow connected to their decks.

Experience the latest set and hone your deckbuilding skills as you evolve your deck with additional booster packs over time.

These worked well for Japan but they don't have to be the only way to position Magic League.

We've already seen some other WPN members successfully using Magic League as a bridge to connect their highly competitive players with their more casual players with achievements that reward helpful behavior.

Test what you believe will work best for your store and player community and let us know how it went!

By Jordan Comar


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