How to Maximize Open House

How to Maximize Open House

June 26, 2017 | 2 min to read

The number one predictor of a Magic player's lifetime value is whether or not they do in-store play. This weekend, your goal at Open House invite new players to that lifestyle.

From the timing to the event structure to the promo cards, Open House was designed to give you the best possible chance of a high new player conversion rate.

Here's how it breaks down:

How Does the Structure Work?

Open House is more of a social event than a tournament—players don’t all play simultaneously, like at FNM or Standard Showdown. They can flag each other down for matches, they can meet at a designated pairing spot, they can filter in and out throughout the event.

But while the main event may be Standard, your focus should be on conversions. Allocate your resources accordingly. The most important thing is to be ready to tutor new players—you, your staff, and any interested players that are already excited about the game.

For a successful tutorial, one that grows your base and earns new customers, see our recommendations here.

How Should I Hand Out the Promos?

Your Open House kit comes with twenty-five foil full art lands. The beautiful thing about basic lands is that everyone can use them! Hand them out to all participants.

If you have extras, feel free to use them as additional incentives for players who helped out with tutorials or brought new players.

You'll also find twenty casual Standard event match cards. Players can use these match cards to keep track of their record—wins and losses won't be recorded in Wizards Event Reporter.

Should I Offer Prizing?

As always, prizing beyond what Wizards provides is up to you. If extra prizes will serve your business in the long run, go for it. If not, don't.

But keep in mind that Open House is aimed at driving business in the future more than in the present. Ask yourself what kind of conversion rate you expect, how prizing may affect it, and how the difference could impact your bottom line. It may be worth the investment; it may not.

Either way, don't go overboard: Open House is a social event. Prizes should reflect that, and should be issued based on matches played, not matches won.

What Comes Next?

Once players join the in-store Magic universe, it's crucial that their initial experiences are positive, and that they receive clear direction on where to go next.

In terms of products, the best first purchase is a Planeswalker Deck. Between their Welcome Deck, a Planeswalker Deck, and the two boosters that come with it, they've got everything they need to get started.

For events, guide them toward the best entry points: incentivize them to join your upcoming League, invite them to Prerelease (Open Dueling is a better option than the main event), showcase any new player-friendly options you run at Friday Night Magic (Sealed, for example).

That's why Open House was designed this way: to help you send players down the event path to engage with Magic at the level that's right for them.


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