How a Preliminary PTQ Can Take Your Store to the Next Level

How a Preliminary PTQ Can Take Your Store to the Next Level

October 3, 2014 | 1 min to read

The chance to run a Pro Tour Qualifier is as coveted among WPN retailers as a spot on the Pro Tour is among Magic: The Gathering players.

Consider this your invitation.

There's a huge demand for Premier Play

Between January and August of 2014, Pro Tour Qualifiers drew over 67,000 Magic players, with the largest events coming in at over 400.

There's an enormous demand for Premier Play, and this is your opportunity to supply it.

It's a great opportunity for Advanced stores to hit the 50 players they need to make Advanced Plus.

Premier Play can build customer loyalty and build your brand

The winner of your Preliminary PTQ will represent your store at a Regional PTQ, where they'll make their bid for a spot on the Pro Tour.

Send them down the path to glory with store pride, clad in a shirt bearing your store's logo, then gather your community and rally them around your store's emissary.

Premier Play can diversify your player base

Preliminary PTQs are your best chance to draw highly-engaged Magic players.

If your community leans more toward casual play, highly-engaged players represent a host of new customers, new sales opportunities, and even new community leaders.

So schedule your Preliminary PTQ and connect your store to the pinnacle of competitive Magic!

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