How to Reach Advanced Level

How to Reach Advanced Level

May 2, 2016 | 2 min to read

By and large, a solid event calendar is enough to maintain Advanced level in the Wizards Play Network.

You need forty-eight events per year. One Friday Night Magic a week will do it.

You need 100 unique players and twenty new players. That's just two unique players a week and a couple new players each month.

You need a thirty-two player event—that one's a little trickier.

A thirty-two player event is generally agreed to be the highest barrier to Advanced level, but it may not be as high as you think—you have a lot of freedom when you're chasing that milestone.

Here are a few things to bear in mind while strategizing:

1. You Can Run Events Offsite

The two most common barriers to a thirty-two player event are:

1) You're in a small market, where the population is prohibitively low.

2) You're in a large market, where rent is prohibitively high.

In both cases, the solution may be to go offsite. A small-market store might partner with a nearby convention, for example, while a large-market store might rent a venue or collaborate with another local business.

How to Add an Event Location:

Go to, choose "Add Event Location," and fill out the form. After that, our Retail Support team will do some legwork. Once they're done, you'll see the venue in the "Event Location" dropdown in Wizards Event Reporter.

2. Social Events Count

Charity events, Small Business Saturday, cookouts—some stores hit the requirement by hosting an open play event, coupled with a social occasion.

By "open play," we mean there's no round structure—a "Casual Magic Event" in Wizards Event Reporter. They count just like Ranked events do.

3. You Can Align Players with Your Goal

There's no rule against telling players what you need to level up. After all, the benefits of Advanced level are benefits for your players, too.

Unlock those benefits by rallying your community around common goals—more FNM promos, more limited product like Eternal Masters, and more prestigious events, like Grand Prix Trials and Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers.

4. You Can Call Us for Ideas

Our Retail Support team talks with retailers day-in day-out, taking in what's working for them and coaching them through what isn't.

That's a deep pool of knowledge and experience. Reach out and dip into it any time.

5. You Can Leverage Prerelease

Every store hosting a Prerelease gets an allocation of at least 36 packs, which means all Core level stores get four shots at a thirty-two player event each year.

A lot of stores capitalize on that opportunity by hosting a single epic Prerelease, usually on Saturday. The extra four Prerelease packs even give you a buffer against players that drop before round one.

And with Eldritch Moon Prerelease on the horizon, now's the perfect time to start planning!

By Matt Neubert


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