How to Run Events During WER Downtime

How to Run Events During WER Downtime

April 8, 2015 | 3 min to read

Before we get started, please review these suggestions:

  • Print these match slips. They'll come in handy when WER is back online and you report your event.
  • Limit play to four rounds. Things can get tricky running long events without WER.
  • Base rewards on match points. Tiebreakers are complicated, which can make standings a challenge.


First step:

Is WER's offline mode available?



Running the event in offline mode

1. Run the event exactly as though WER were online.

2. Once WER's back up, click Event -> Edit -> Advanced. Check the "Post Event Entry" box.

3. Click "Upload Results."

Getting Started

Are you running a Competitive event (with pairings, rounds, etc)? Click here.

Are you running a Casual event (multiplayer events, open play)? Read on.

1. Note each player's name and DCI number. If they don't know their DCI numbers, use WER to look them up later.

2. Once WER's back up, open the event and enroll the players.

3. Click Event -> Edit and check "Player List Only" and "Post Event Entry."

4. Click "Upload Results."

Enroll players

Use a spreadsheet application like Excel, Google Sheets, or Open Office to note each player's name and DCI number.

Next step:

Is this a booster draft? Click here.

Is this a constructed event (Standard, Sealed, etc)? Read on.

Create round 1 pairings

Assign round 1 parings randomly—using your player list for guidance (first on the list vs. last, second vs. second to last, etc).

If you have an uneven number, issue the bye randomly as well.

Ready for round 2? Click here.

Create draft pods

1. Take your total players and divide them in numbers as close to eight as possible (the ideal draft pod has eight players).

2. Assign pods randomly—use a die, pull names from a hat, or use your player list for guidance.

3. Seating should also be random.

Create round 1 pairings

1. Pair players with the player across the table from them.

2. Give each set of players a match slip.

Ready for round 2? Click here.

Pair players based on match points

1. As players report match results, enter match points into your spreadsheet. A win is worth 3 points, a draw is worth 1 point, and a loss is worth 0 points.

Sort your spreadsheet by point totals, and pair players in order of standings. Use this method for all future rounds, making sure not to pair the same players twice.

If you have an uneven number, issue the bye to the player with the fewest points. In the event of a tie, determine the bye randomly.

Are all rounds complete? Read on.

Report the event

1. Once WER is back online, open the event and enter match results, using the match slips for reference.

2. Click Event -> Edit and check "Post Event Entry."

3. Click "Upload Results."


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