How to Run Magic Open House

How to Run Magic Open House

April 10, 2017 | 3 min to read

This Saturday, April 15, we're excited to launch the brand-new Magic Open House event.

Magic Open House encompasses not one, but two great ways to play: a learn-to-play session and a casual Standard event. The halves are designed to work as pair.

Use these tips to integrate the two ways-to-play and ease new players into your community:

Welcome and Teach New Players

Hand each newcomer to your store a Welcome Deck, and use the Learn-to-Play playmat to teach him or her Magic: The Gathering.

Magic uses unintuitive terms, like mana, untap, and library, so be sure to slow down and explain each one.

Get more tips on running your tutorials here.

More Resources for Teaching New Players

Magic Demo Guide. (Available in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese only.) A great tool to walk you through a tutorial session.

Magic Rules Reference Card. You could print these out and offer them as a reminder for the first game.

Magic Quick Start Guide. This booklet could serve dual duty as a guide for your tutorial and a takeaway for new players.

Pair New Players for Their First Full Games

After the tutorial, pair off new players for their first full games and drop in to help as needed.

Have staff or dedicated regulars on hand and ready to help. They'll provide new players the personalized assistance they need and a welcoming introduction to the Magic community.

Keep Your Standard Event Casual and Friendly

Depending on your staffing, attendance, and community needs, you could either wait until you've finished tutorials to launch the Standard event, or you could run it alongside your learn-to-play sessions.

Rather than formal rounds, arrange pick-up matches between participants. These matches can be recorded using the match cards provided in your kit. You can download additional match slips from our marketing materials page.

Since the Standard event is casual, new players can join in as soon as they feel comfortable. Your newcomers can combine the two 30-card decks provided in the Welcome Decks to create a 60-card Standard deck.

You can handpick which players face off to create the best experience for your new players.

Make sure to advertise this event as casual ahead of time. Recommend experienced players try out weird or fun decks, not tournament terrors.

Above all else, tailor the experience to meet your players' needs. If any new players don't feel ready for a Standard event just yet, let them try out a different Welcome Deck and more lessons.

Ramp into Amonkhet

At the end of the event, hand out rewards. Use the twenty-five premium full-art basic lands from Amonkhet to award all participants (while supplies last).

Use the opportunity to talk up the full slate of events planned for Amonkhet. Brand new players' next step should be Prerelease or Magic League, and a Planeswalker Deck could be their first purchase.

For players who bring a friend to Open House, invite them to return together to Amonkhet Prerelease.

Want more tips? Try one or more of these ideas:

Mobilize your champions. Tap your most dedicated players, your community champions, to step in and help. Set expectations that they're not here to win, but help grow the community and game they love.

Customize the event to the players at your event. If players want to continue learning with Welcome Decks all day, great!

Throw a party! Make a strong first impression by offering food or decorating your store. Use your kit to set the stage for Amonkhet and encourage everyone to return for Prerelease.

Tap into Magic Make copies of the "Tap into Magic" checklist, provided in your kit, and follow the steps to guide new players through their Magic experience.

Maximize the opportunity to grow your community by making your event a welcoming and fun experience for all your players.


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